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Full text of "The Letters Of Horace Walpole Vol I"

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one old closet hangs a portrait of one of the old Dame de Greys, in a gown of her own work, embroidered all over with little flowers of all colours, like the border of an under-petticoat, round her head is a kind of hoop-petticoat of gauze, her face is of a dead complexion ; with her needle and thread in her hand. She was a great workwoman and died at it. In the garden are monuments in memory of Lord Harold *, Lady G-lenorchy5, the late Duchess6,—and the present Duke. At Lord Clarendon's7, at Cornbuiy8 is a prodigious quantity of Vandykes ; but I had not time to take down any of then-dresses. By the way, you gave me no account of the last Masquerade. Coming back, we saw Easton Neston9, a seat of Lord Pomfret's10, where in an old green-house is a wonderful fine statue of Tully, haranguing a numerous assembly of decayed emperors, vestal virgins with new noses, Colossus's, Venus's, headless carcases and carcaseless heads, pieces of tombs, and hieroglyphics11. I saw Althrop12 the same day, where are a vast many pictures; some mighty good; a gallery with the Windsor beautiesls, and Lady
*  Antony Grey (1696-1723), Earl of Harold; eldest son of first Duke of Kent, whom he predeceased.
5 Lady Amabel Grey (d. 1727), daughter of first Duke of Kent; m. (1718) John Camphell, Lord Glen-orchy, eldest son of second Earl of Breadalbane.
* Hon. Jemima Crewe (d.  1728), daughter   and   co-heir   of second Baron Crewe of Stene ; m. (1695), as Ms  first  wifev Henry Grey,  first Duke of Kent.
T Henry Hyde (1672-1768), fourth Earl of Clarendon.
8 Cornbury Park, near Charlbury, Oxfordshire.   The Clarendon estates in Oxfordshire were s«ld in 1750 to the -third Duke of Marlborough.
9  Near Towcester, Northamptonshire.
*o Thomas Fermor (1898-1768); or. Earl of Pomfret, 1721 • Master of the
Horse to Queen Caroline, 1727-87; Banger of St. James's and Hyde Parks, 1751.
11  The  statues   here mentioned formed   part of the   collection  of Thomas Howard, Earl of Arundel (d. 1646).   They were sold (for £300) by Mary Mordaunt, Duchess of Norfolk, to  the  first  Lord  Lempster (Leominster), and  were  presented (1756) by the widow of his son (the first Earl of Pomfret) to the University of Oxford.   (See Anecdotes of Painting, ch. ix.)
12  The seat of the Spencers, near Northampton.
^ Eleven portraits of ladies by Lely, which were taken to Windsor by James H. Many copies of them were made; those at Althorp were replicas by Lely himself. (See Anecdotes of Painting, ch. xii, and Dalla-way's note.)